March Madness is one of my favorite times of year. Even when my favorite teams aren't in the dance (COUGH UK last year COUGH) I love watching how everything unfolds.

I especially love getting into bracket pools. Last year I won by a handy margin. How did I do it?

It's a very scientific and particular approach: flipping a coin.

I literally flip a coin to determine every single game. It takes a while but not near as long as second-guessing myself and trying to guess the upsets that nobody sees coming. Heads: the higher seed wins. Tails: the lower.

Last year, my bracket started off slow but ended up winning at the end. Somehow fate allowed the coin to pick Louisville to win it all. This year it picked Syracuse...a fate I don't have nearly as much confidence in.

Picking winners in March Madness - successfully - requires you to throw bias and logic out the window. Teams will emerge that nobody could've seen coming. There's way more at stake. The only way that I can purely take logic out of the equation is flip a coin. I feel like the odds are just as much in my favor to have a good (albeit far from perfect) bracket.

I also fill out a "legitimate" bracket to see which one does better. So far, coin-flipping has paid off way more often.

If my coin flipping proves correct, New Mexico and Tulsa are going to have a bright future this March.

If my actual bracket (and heart) win over, UK will surprise some folks this year.

That said, here's a little video to inspire you. Good luck!