I dare you to watch this video

It's not every day that College Humor makes a valid point. This was one of those days. Try and watch this video - honestly watch it - and keep reading:

I did watch this video. All the way to the bitter end.

I didn't cheat. No multi-tasking. I didn't open another tab on my browser and let the video run in the background. I sat there and focused one on thing for three whole minutes.

Sadly, it was way harder that I thought it would be.

It's incredibly hard to stay focused on one thing when the opportunities for distractions become as accessible as they are today. Sitting here and watching this video was a bit of a wake up call. I'm not nearly as focused as I like to give myself credit for. My guess is that you may not be either.

What about you? How hard was it for you to stick with the video for three minutes?

UPDATE: The Onion's new site Clickhole had their own response here. Hilarious. Nice find by Adam.