Sure, the bit is about leaving a message on an answering machine but the idea still works today.

It's way easier for me to like a photo on Instagram, @ reply someone here and there or even drop a comment on Facebook from time to time. However, it seems like 3D interaction is harder. It's way easier to stare down at the phone when we're out than to figure out a way to keep a conversation going with the person in the room with us. It's even harder to nail down and prioritize time to make those real interactions happen. Because we're busy.

Why do we do it? Because we love seeing that Facbeook notification, that @ symbol on our Twitter app light up or see the likes pile up on our latest Instagram post. There's a false sense of achievement in all of it.

I don't have a conclusion to this thought. No real strong final point to make.

It's just funny how we feel like cell phones have instilled a new behavior or new fear of interaction when the same held true twenty years ago in a different setting.

What's old is new again.