I'm a huge fan of Newcastle's marketing ploys. What they did with Anna Kendrick and the Super B...I mean, "big game" this past year was cool. This "social media campaign" is even more fun. Personally, I've helped brainstorm a lot of fan acquisition campaigns. We've thought of every fun idea under the sun. Newcastle just calls Twitter marketing for what it is - marketing. They pretty much call BS on other Twitter marketing campaigns and make a follower offer that I haven't seen before. In all honesty, this campaign will probably be more cost effective for them than anything else they may have tried to get 50,000 Twitter followers. So what are they doing? The video below explains.

Though I'm not really a drinker of Newcastle, I may give them a follow. I'll be waiting to cash my check soon and take the wife for a night out on the town.

Will you follow @newcastle? More importantly, will this make you more likely to order one the next time you're out?