I didn't announce it. I honestly didn't plan it. Heck, very few people probably even noticed. But I took a short sabbatical from the blog thing. There wasn't a moment of self reflection, I just didn't post. It was like I had a similar moment that Forrest Gump did when he got done running. Out of nowhere, he just decided to stop for a while.

My wife and I went on a vacation out to San Francisco, Napa and Sonoma and basically unplugged from the world (outside of slamming Facebook with auto-uploads of all our pictures). Blogging was part of that unplugging.

Megan and I posing for a picture on our bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge.


Then I came home. Still no writing.

Labor Day came and went and this site remained dormant.

But that wasn't a bad thing. Nor was it something to apologize for. There's tons of other great blogs to read out there.

I re-learned that taking time away from projects, even ones you thoroughly enjoy, helps re-energize you to come back and be better at what you do. This goes beyond just unplugging or taking a digital diet. I found that I needed to physically go somewhere different, away from work and personal life obligations (like bills, house chores etc), to really refocus what I like doing.

To focus on where my priorities are.

Sometimes when things are flying around you, it's easy to forget why you do the things you do, whether it's a job, hobby or something different.

One of those things I enjoy is blogging. A nice long break (the longest since I've started) helped recoup my energy for this hobby.

While I won't blog every day, I plan on sharing something new a few times a week starting next week. I love sharing something new with anyone who takes time to read it and I hope to keep learning from people through the comments on future posts.

Here we go.