I haven't blogged in a couple of months at this point. Normally this is the part where most bloggers say that they missed blogging, where they regretted not getting around to posting something new more often. This isn't one of those times for me. This has been the longest stretch that I've gone without blogging but I can't say that I missed it.

Why the break?

It wasn't intentional or planned at all, it just kind of happened. Life happened. Work happened. I got to a point where I was juggling many things and had to build margin somewhere. This blog happened to fall victim to that margin. I had a choice many nights to either spend time reading a new book or writing a new post. I ended up taking a small season of trying to fill up and learn more instead of creating more. I highly recommend anyone doing that from time to time.

What's been going on recently?

October through December were event-filled months but great ones. We picked up a few new interesting clients at DeMoss. The digital end of our work started to grow even more as a result.

We went on a few fall getaway weekends and saw views like this:


I got to travel to Lambeau Field for the first time and watch the Packers absolutely crush the Bears in a Sunday night game.


My wife and I hosted Thanksgiving at our home for the first time ever.


We had to buy a new car. We spent a week traveling in Kentucky for Christmas with the new selfie stick given to me by my aunt for Christmas. I had never taken a selfie in my life until I received that stick. Now, I love using it to take group shots (does that still make them selfies?)

WKU track team reunion (aka my groomsmen and their wives)

Christmas party with my cousins

I even had the opportunity to speak on Pinterest at an event hosted by The Cove. It was one of the smaller events I've attended but probably one of my favorites. Imagine your typical social media conference but take out the buzzwords, the blue oxford shirts and trade show stands. Then host that event in a big lodge in the Appalachian Mountains. In the winter. With a huge fireplace and with less than 100 people there. It was their first year hosting it and have my fingers crossed they invite me back. I loved it.

Pictures from The Cove's blogger retreat with fellow speakers Jon Acuff, Jen Schmidt and Jess Connolly

What can you expect on this blog in 2015?

I've spent a month doing a lot of reading and have learned a lot in that time. You'll probably see more posts on new trends in PR and marketing. I'll write about books I've read recently, new daily routines I've been trying out, and challenges I've faced in work or life.

At the end of the day, this blog will be a place for me to exercise writing skills. Working at a PR firm, I'm having to write increasingly more often. Having a place to practice writing and work out a few of the kinks should help me in what I do in my day job.

The discipline of blogging, not every day but with a consistent pace, should have positive carryover in other parts of my work too.

But enough about me. What other projects, goals or habits are you working on building in 2015?