Are we working to live? Or living to work? I initially ran across this video on Facebook and thought it was worth sharing here. 

Working to Live or Living to Work?

Posted by Prince Ea on Monday, March 16, 2015

I agree. I hate jammed copy machines. 

I also agree about his life's priorities - though I admittedly have to remind myself from time to time. I've written before how Grandaddy's funeral last year re-shaped my views on what success looks like. He didn't have (literally) hundreds of people show up to his funeral because he advanced well at GE. People didn't pay their respects because he achieved a certain salary level. They came because he made a difference in their lives in a personal way. 

Grandaddy loved to work. Probably more than anyone I've ever met. But he didn't live to work. 

Taking time for people. Taking in the little moments. Enjoying family time on the couch on weekends. Helping a neighbor get something done. Spending time with friends and family over a meal. Taking the time to experience something new. 

Those are the moments that I'll remember when I take my last breath. Hopefully, those are the moments I'll continue to prioritize in the breaths I have between now and that day. 

We all need reminders of what's important. My grandfather's funeral was one of those reminders for me. This short video was another one.

What reminds you?