That's right. Another article about history's most connected and entitled generation to fill your email inbox and social media feeds. An article about millennials written by (you guessed it) a millennial. 

Yeah, I'm a millennial. But honestly, it's not that big of a deal. 

I read this article several months back in the New York Times from an author who recently came to the realization that she too, was classified as a millennial. The author appeared insulted by the classification. She bragged about how she wasn't addicted to her smartphone. She chose to read real paper books instead of using a screen substitution. She didn't have to get a job during a recession. She says that no matter what demographers say, she's absolutely not a millennial.

Who cares?

Demographics are never perfect. They're always over generalizations of large groups of people that have a small handful of things in common (mainly age, gender and location). A demographer could lump me into a "Generation XYZ To the Third Power" demographic and it honestly wouldn't change my identity at all. 

Yeah, I'm a millennial. 

I use social media a lot. But it's also part of my job. 

I read real paper books at home, but sub out for a Kindle when I'm traveling. Not because I'm a digital native, but because I like to save space in my carry on. 

I graduated college in the pit of a recession, but was still blessed with a full time job the following month in a city I'd never lived in. I had several other friends that didn't sleep on their parents' couches either. I also had some that did. Every generation before ours has some employed people, some unemployed. Neither scenarios existed as their identity.

Just like the New York Times author, I hand wrote letters to people at summer camp. I also had AOL Instant Messenger (and had to time sessions when my parents weren't using the phone line). But I still handwrite letters today...and send emails....and IMs.

I listen to popular "millennial friendly" music, but also listen to old blues, jazz and classic rock just about as much. 

I definitely have millennial habits. Digital native? We could go with that since I've had internet access for roughly half of my life. I use a smartphone and throw pictures on Instagram from time to time. So if that makes me a millennial, so be it.

Our generation is overanalyzed. And honestly overhyped. Like generations before, all of us are totally different. We definitely aren't all hyperconnected, narcissistic couch surfers. We all have different interests. Some of us have technology addicitions. Some of us are Amish. Some of us sit somewhere in the middle. And that's totally okay.

Just like my parents and grandparents, I'm trying to work hard, make the most of what I have, enjoy life and do my best to leave this world a little better than I found it. I imagine that's true for a lot of folks my age. 

So yeah, I'm a millennial. But it's honestly not that big of a deal. 

I'm just ready for Gen Z to step into the spotlight for a while so my generation can get back to work.