Two things that we see way too much of on LinkedIn newsfeeds: 

  1. Millenials in the workplace
  2. Simon Sinek

This video offers both of those things. But stay with me. It's worth it. 

Simon Sinek offers a great explanation, probably the best I've heard, about the millennial workplace scenario. He describes the generation that got participation trophies being thrust out in the real world and being put in shock. 

He also describes how technology has impacted everything. He describes how technology today has trained younger/rising adults into a mindset of instant gratification. He also compares social to drinking. How, in moderation, both are great. But the same way alcohol has been a crutch to help people cope with the harsh realities of life, social media has done the same for people today. That it provides the same addictive qualities if not moderated. 

It's a fifteen minute video, which is a long time to sit down and watch something on a computer screen that isn't on Netflix. It's worth it. Play it in the background and listen in while you work on something else. I found it very interesting.