I don't normally talk about politics anywhere online. In today's climate, even asking a simple question online can cause less-than-civil discourse, so I tend to stay away. 

However, I have no issue commenting on the marketing tactics of candidates. 

Bernie Sander's latest political ad is actually one of positivity. It doesn't blast a specific opponent or highlight the shortcomings of someone else in the race. It just focuses on a single message. 

Unfortunately, the ad stands out because of its focus on a "unity" message. While watching politicians try and take each other to the woodshed does provide some entertainment value, it does wear us out. An ad like this is a breath of fresh air during what can be a divisive time.

I like how the ad isn't totally about Bernie Sanders. Even though he's the voice of the ad, it doesn't talk about his policies or why someone should vote for him. It talks about something bigger than himself.

It's a great brand strategy. Brands do well if they tap into an idea or a need that's bigger than the product they're selling. 

Dove didn't sell soap, they sold "real beauty.

Red Bull sold trying the impossible with their space jump. 

Bernie isn't trying to sell Bernie in this ad. Just unity. 

One other thing I love about this ad is that it's crowdsourced from his supporters. According to this New York Times article, this wasn't an idea drafted up by his campaign staff in room one day. He placed his campaign message in the hands of his supporters.

Some of the most successful brands are ones that allow their biggest brand advocates to tell the brand story on their behalf. It can be a gutsy move but reap more rewards than just taking the brand's word for it every single time.

You may be "feeling the Bern" or think he would run the country into the ground. No matter where you stand, you have to respect this ad. I only hope we see more things like this as the year goes on.