A few weeks back I had the opportunity to be a guest on Paul Hebert's "Paul Cast." Paul and I got to know each other when I was starting out my career working for an incentives company. He's an expert on human motivation, employee engagement and someone I have learned a LOT from over the last few years. 

Paul had been doing a series asking people things they wish they had learned early in their career. I still feel like I'm still very early in mine so I'm humbled that he asked me to share some of the things I've learned in my 7ish years of being a real adult. 

You can follow Paul and learn from him like I do on his blog (link here) or by following him on Twitter (@incentintel). You can also hear more of Paul's podcasts here.

You can listen to Paul and I's conversation in the embedded version on this blog. If you're an email subscriber, you may have to click here to listen.