Instagram was supposed to be ruined by allowing non-square photos. 

Facebook was going to be ruined by allowing people non-college students access to use. 

Neither of these things happened. 

So I don't believe Snapchat will be ruined with the addition of Memories. 

What is Memories?

You can read an article like this one. Or get an idea of the functionality by checking this video out: 

Practical Reasons

I was talking to Adam Walker over coffee about this feature recently. We were both fans. After all, there are things that I like to take photos of and keep an archive of. The disappearing message aspect takes some of the pressure of taking the "perfect photo" like you have in other apps (cough *Instagram* cough). However, some snaps are cool - and I have days where I'd love to have an archive of my Snapchat Story. 

While I can download individual snaps to my phone, to keep a good archive of moments, I essentially have to use two (or more) apps. This can get time consuming. 

For example, when I got bit by a copperhead last week, I felt the need to document it. I took an Instagram photo of the bite mark (only after I learned from the ER doctor that I probably wasn't going to die) for archiving. I also took a photo for my Snapchat story. While it helped me kill time in the ER while they observed the swelling in my leg, having to capture the same memory twice is a bit time consuming. I could have downloaded the snap of my bite and stored in a photo album or pushed to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. However, that still requires using a second or third (or fourth...) app to keep that memory archived for future storytelling.

And believe me, getting bit by a poisonous snake is a story I plan to tell a few more times. I wish that feature had been announced before last Monday....definitely would have used it ;)

This Potentially Widens the Net For Snapchat 

Like any social network, Snapchat needs eyeballs and engagement to see to advertisers. They have to make non-VC money at some point, right?

Adding a feature that doesn't disappear widens the appeal to people who may have not jumped on. The ability to curate memories on their platform will likely attract more users. At least I think so. 

While Snapchat "purists" will balk at the idea of being able to save snaps, they'll eventually forget they ever hated it. We humans are resistant to change. However, once we make the change, we often forget that we hated it in the first place.

Plus, it's not like all snaps are automatically saved to memories anyway. The vanishing message feature hasn't vanished at all. 

What are your thoughts on Memories?

Welcome addition? Or a sellout move by Snapchat? Or both?