Instagram Stories came out, which as we are all aware is a really close replica (aka a copy) of Snapchat's Stories. 

There have been several reviews. Some say Snapchat should be losing sleep right now. Others say that Instagram is just trying to be a "me too" and this whole Instagram Stories thing will pass. 

I think they both have their place. They should both be equally keeping an eye on each other. After all, they're both competing for a similar kind of attention. That said, I have an equal appreciation for both of them. 

What I Like About Instagram Stories

I went on a weekend trip to Savannah with Megan and used Instagram Stories exclusively for that time. I've used Snapchat Stories quite a bit so it was obviously easy to pick up and use. 

For one, I like the photo quality. It could be user error but it felt like Instagram Stories photos just looked better than what they normally do on Snapchat. That piece alone was great. 

I loved how Instagram Stories posts could be re-purposed as a normal Instagram post with a single click. I can't tell you how many Snapchat posts I see reused on Instagram. This small feature takes a step out of the equation very quickly. It's not perfect but I love the ability to do that. 

The biggest thing for me was that it tapped into my pre-existing network. I didn't have to go through and re-add old friends. Just on that alone likely attributed to my individual story posts getting roughly twice as many views as my Snapchat ones. On that alone, for me (and likely for a lot of veteran Instagram users), I like Instagram Stories. 

Why I Haven't Deleted Snapchat

Snapchat still has more fun features. The face filters are a LOT of fun. The geofilters are fun. There are just more fun features to play with on Snapchat. I also like the Publisher content on Snapchat way better than any of the branded content I've seen on Instagram Stories (so far). 

I also still default to Snapchat for 1:1 or non-public messages. I realize Instagram has this functionality but my knee jerk reaction is to use this feature on Snapchat. That's how they entered the market and still the place in my mind that I hold them. 

Which One Do I Like Better?

It's really not a matter of which one I like better as much as the question is "which one will I use more?" 

Definitely Instagram Stories. 

It's not a feature thing. I am already used to having Instagram open. Being able to do Instagram and Snapchat-like functions in one app is just easier. I have a broader audience. I also see more athletes using it too. 

I'll still be using Snapchat though. It's a lot of fun and I think there's still a space for it. 

In my opinion, Instagram has targeted those who A) don't get Snapchat, B) may be a bit older and don't need all the fun features or C) haven't downloaded Snapchat. However, I think Snapchat will be the weapon of choice for Gen Z, at least for the time being. Gen Z's parents use Snapchat - so they'll want to get far away from it. 

People were even using Instagram Stories to ask for followers on Snapchat. So there's that.

What about you? Are you team Instagram or Snapchat?