We usually talk about our favorite Super Bowl ads the day following the game. So it's weird to throw out what our favorite Presidential debate ads were. 

But this is 2016, so anything goes. 

Thanks to social, I was able to see two before the big night. Audi, Jeep and Tecate. Three very different vantage points but two very well put together ads. 

Audi: The Payoff Comes at the End

I found this via AdWeek. The ad is long, action-packed but doesn't seem relevant to the election. At first. However, if you stick with it, you see the relevance. Stay with it until the very end. 


Jeep Takes the Sentimental Route

Unlike something action-packed, Jeep took the diversity route. They centered on what makes America great and went for a message focused on unity despite differences - a message so badly needed right now. It's not particularly clever but I think a great ad focused on the election season. I imagine they'll get a decent amount of traction from this. 


Tecate Takes the Cake IMO

This was hands-down my favorite ad (also found via AdWeek). Tecate took the absurdity of "the wall" (Trump's wall...not the masterpiece that is Pink Floyd's wall) and turned it on it's head. And threw a party. You have to check it out. 


What about you? What creative reactions, brands or otherwise, have you seen that are worth checking out?