I've been at North Highland just south of two years now and we have a lot going on. Our marketing department is growing quickly (more on that later), the firm just celebrated its 25th anniversary and we just had a pretty unique company-wide contest. 

Leading a webinar with Social Chorus on mobile employee communications

In the last year, we have built an internal mobile app that started out as a way to help aid our social strategy and has since evolved into a gateway for internal employee communications. We have really spent the last few months focused on mobile and making our employees' phones the starting point for everything they need. Our employee advocacy app has reached about a 50% adoption rate globally across the company - a stat I'm proud of! 

We've worked with Social Chorus to build out this platform for all of North Highland's consulting and global services teams. As a result, Social Chorus has invited me to speak on their next webinar on how we have driven adoption and found value with a mobile-first approach. If it's something you want to learn more about, sign up free here

The Big Idea

North Highland just wrapped up what can be described as a "Shark Tank" for internal employees called "The Big Idea." Every employee in the company was invited to participate in submitting a new business idea. The only rule was that it couldn't be a core consulting service, it had to be something totally different than what we currently do today.

After all the entries were submitted, four finalists were picked to pitch in front of a board of investors here in Atlanta to receive funding. The winning participant received a seed round of $300k funding from North Highland and became CEO of their new company. Who won? You can learn more here or check out this recap video. 

Oh yeah...we are hiring

I mentioned earlier that our award-winning marketing team is growing - which means we are looking for a new Digital Marketing Specialist! This person will work alongside myself helping shape our social strategy, marketing automation approach and assist with projects on our website and blog. There are also several other digital transformation initiatives coming soon that this person would be able to have a huge hand in. 

I forgot to mention - we have cool perks like unlimited PTO, 401k, group outings, HSA matching, great office space (the featured photo here is our view) and a fun team. 

Sound interesting? Feel free to reach out to me here and check out the job description to see if it's something you want to learn more about.