I live in Atlanta. Like most Atlanta residents, I spend quite a bit of time in the car. Even living OTP, during the bridge collapse months, I was spending about 15 hours a week in the car according to my Automatic data. 

So, with that much time during the week, I felt like podcasts were a fantastic use of time. It was a way to learn a little more, maybe be entertained and honestly make the bumper-to-bumper traffic in Buckhead a little more bearable. It was a way to actually look forward to the commute! 

I don't listen to purely business, marketing or tech podcasts. I try to run the spectrum on types of content to expand my thinking a little bit more. 

How I Built This

I just recently got into this podcast but it's fantastic. It's produced by NPR and I don't think I've ever heard an NPR podcast I was totally opposed to. They have the whole radio storytelling art down - as they should! This podcast talks to founders of a lot of companies such as Warby Parker, Saban and Chuck E. Cheese, Whole Foods and other serial entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Mark Cuban. I don't see myself starting my own company but their stories are super fascinating and inspiring. It's one of the few podcasts that I genuinely look forward to hearing week after week. (link)

Cracked Podcast

It's a bit sophomoric but it does a great job of mixing up fun, throwback pop culture reflections, fan theories but also tackling hard issues like politics, mass incarceration and mental illness with a surprisingly subjective point-of-view. They did a fantastic job looking at both sides of the election the day after Trump's victory. One of the best honest discussions I heard coming out of that day. My only complaint is that the podcasts are a bit on the long end but they're good. (link)

Stuff You Should Know

Josh and Chuck are awesome. I love the conversational style but I also love learning just random facts. It's a great podcast that accomplishes both of those things I also love that this is an Atlanta-based podcast and one of the most popular ones in the world right now. (link)

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know

From the same company but different hosts, they tackle fan theories, conspiracy theories and overall just weird stuff. I don't hit every episode but enjoy the ones I do listen to and learn a lot. For instance, one episode totally focused on  the backstory of a stonehenge like thing here in Georgia. I had no idea that even existed. (link)

The Accidental Creative

If you work in a creative field, or really any field that you take personal pride in, this podcast is for you. Author Todd Henry keeps his podcast messages to 15 minutes or less, so it's a quick digest for the week. I'm reading his book "Louder Than Words" right now and am becoming a bigger and bigger fan of his work by the week. (link)

Tech Talk Y'all

I just started listening to this...but it also just started. It's two guys talking about all things tech like productivity tools, new apps and crazy bits of tech. It's like sitting down over a drink with a few guys and shooting the bull on the cool stuff going on in the world. I really enjoy what Adam and Sanjay have going on here so far. (link)

Grace Midtown Podcast

Weekly podcast from our church's previous week's sermons. With a baby having ear infections off an on this year, it's been a great way to stay plugged in when we can't make it on several weekends. (link)

Dave Ramsey Show

I go through spurts of listening to this. Dave gives great and often fairly blunt advice. I think his opinion on investment ROI is a little inflated but he has a great message: just live below your means and be smart with the resources you've been given. That's not a bad message for any person during any time. (link)

Other podcasts I'm starting:

I'm always rotating what I listen to so am open to suggestions. What am I missing? What should I try out?