So this isn't a life lesson or reflection. Is self-promotional more than anything. But here it is.

We're selling our house. 

To answer a couple of questions out of the gate:

  • No we are not relocating, we're staying in Atlanta
  • We're moving to another side of town but not because we didn't love the west side. It's a rapidly growing area that has a lot going for it. We just have more from a personal life perspective in a different part of town (still ITP). 
  • We love the house but we just happened to be in a good position to make a transition (more on that at a later date).

Megan wrote a "love letter" to our house that I thought captured our time here perfectly. Check out the letter (and photo gallery) below. 

Also, if you have a friend or anyone looking to buy a new home or has interest in living in the west side of Atlanta, send them this link and/or let me know!


Our family has lived in this home for the last four and a half years, and we’ve built many memories that live both inside and outside of these walls. Some of the best moments have happened on the front porch sipping coffee and meeting new neighbors, or on the back deck grilling out with friends and family. We knew the moment we set foot inside this home it was “the one,” and we hope you feel the same. If these walls could talk, they would tell you:

  • The top balcony is great for sipping early morning coffee or enjoying a late night bottle of wine.
  • The kitchen is the focal point of the home, and countless delicious meals have been cooked and enjoyed here with friends and family.
  • The sense of community here is alive and thriving; two city council members live just a few houses down the street.
  • The open concept downstairs and large living area are great for hosting parties, large or small.
  • The spacious master bedroom and on-suite feel like a true getaway; the jacuzzi tub is great to unwind in after a long day.
  • Our daughter’s first year was spent in this home, and it will always hold a special place for our family.
  • The shared backyard area and green space is great for families and pets.
  • It’s a short 5-minute drive from grocery stores, restaurants, and even breweries!

It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to the home where our family has grown and continues to grow. It was our very first home, the place where our daughter was brought home from the hospital, and a treasure trove of countless memories. We’re excited to pass it on to the next family who decides to call it theirs and make it their own. Enjoy!