Are you busy? Here are two of the most financially successful people in the world. Possibly ever. This video shows exactly how nutty their calendars were. I found this conversation interesting. It's only 90 seconds, so worth the watch. 

Gates learned from Buffet to be remarkably guarded with his time. Once he took his advice, Gates noticed how much more effective he was at his job. He didn't need to cram his schedule as tight as he could. Making space for quiet and thinking helped him quite a bit. It's something I am learning right now from reading Deep Work (which I highly recommend based on what I've read so far).

There is value in quiet time. Heck, there's value in boredom.

We feel busy. We feel overwhelmed. We may feel an obligation to everyone. However, I think we have more control over our schedules than we think we do. It's something I'm gradually learning more about and am trying to find that balance between boundaries and prioritizing obligations. 

How do you prioritize your time?