You were the best mommy, even before you officially had the title.

You fought like mad to bring our baby girl into the world. When she got here, you were our rock during the early sleepless nights. Always able to soothe her when I couldn't, giving me grace when I hit my limits on middle of the night feedings.

It hasn't even been two years but Campbell has been shown many lifetimes of love from you in the day-to-day. Whether it's rocking her to sleep, preparing food for her fickle cravings or letting her make musical instruments out of pots and pans, you've shown her how to be a "strong, independent woman" every step of the way. I couldn't think of a better example of that for her than you.


You've changed diapers in the most precarious spots and shown up to work looking fresh as a daisy after negotiating multiple blowouts. In one moment you're on a conference call. The next, trying to tame down a toddler temper tantrum. Sometimes at the same time. Yet, you never seem to regret taking on the role of mommy. It's not a glorious job much of the time but a job  you seem to have overwhelming pride in having. As you should. You're really good at it!

Now you get to do it all again in a few months. A little boy will get to experience the same gift of having you as a mommy that Campbell has the last year and a half. He's got to be the luckiest little guy in the world to have you as a mommy (and I'll fight anyone who claims otherwise).

Campbell and her future little brother are extremely fortunate to have you as their mommy (as are the pets!). And I am thankful to have you as a partner in raising them.

Happy Mother's Day Megan! Your growing little family loves you!