As I'm sitting here writing this, it was about one week ago from this moment when Megan and I were working out of Hodgepodge Coffee, wondering what we wanted to do for lunch after her doctor's appointment that afternoon. Little did we know that our son would be joining us a few hours later.

Ford James Hawkins joined us on Wednesday July 25, 2018, weighing in at 7 pounds 5 ounces. The delivery went smooth and both baby and momma are back home and doing really well!



Campbell appears to be taking to her role as big sister very well. Megan and I both grew up as only children, so the idea of introducing a sibling to the family was foreign to us and our parents. So far, Cam appears to love her little brother. Even Monday morning when I got her up for daycare, she helped me feed her little brother. She just calls him "baby" when she sees him and holds her tiny 21 month old finger to her lips and says "shhhhh" when he cries.



Having a toddler at home is both entertaining and challenging at the same time. You don't realize how relatively low maintenance an infant is (sleep deprivation and diaper change volume aside) until you have a toddler running around, bouncing between laughter and tantrums every few minutes.

We're only one week in and we are both tired. I'm fortunate that North Highland has a generous paternity policy for dads, allowing me to better make the adjustment to having two under two. It's been a huge blessing knowing I have six weeks off to enjoy our growing family.

It's incredible how much our 21-month-old feels so much older now that we have an infant. Just a baby that knows how to feed herself and clean up her own room (yes she cleans up her toys....and likes it) is a big help in an odd way. Having two babies in the house is exhausting and a little intimidating but I know that we'll miss this feeling one day. So I'm doing everything I can to enjoy it (even when Ford surprise pees on me during a 2am diaper change).

If anyone has experience with two little ones, feel free to pass along advice! We're learning everything we can as we go :)