Facebook’s plagued with privacy and trust issues. I would say that this has been a more than challenging time for the company’s PR team. Our data is sold without our knowledge. If any other company had made errors like this, most people would boycott or discontinue using the service.

Heck, I’ve even thought about it myself.

Why do most people stick around? Why do I?

What’s Facebook’s Value in My Life?

There are not a lot of positive things Facebook brings to my life. The company is a terrible steward of my personal data. Being on it is a time suck. The comments and posts can be toxic, which I assume has long term cognitive effects.

If I were to totally quit Facebook, delete my account and move on with my life, the benefits could easily be argued. I would likely be a little more productive with one time suck in my life being eliminated. I may be a little bit more optimistic.

Here’s the thing though. I’ve all but grown up with it.

I got on Facebook my freshman year at college. You know, when it was exclusive to college students. It was a great way to connect with friends who ended up at different campuses and more easily coordinate times to get together. It was a great way for an introvert like me to get to know other people better while in school. Heck, my wife and I may not be together if it wasn’t for Facebook Messenger chats over holiday breaks before we actually started dating.

I have a lot of memories attached to Facebook. Being able to scroll through and see what happened in the past, see the friends tagged in those photos and videos, is a lot of fun.

To delete Facebook would be like deleting a lot of memories. Or at least having to start over on storing and organizing them. Over a decade’s worth. Kind of a pain.

So What Now?

For now, I can’t get myself to delete my account. Here’s what I’m thinking could be some practical steps to remove Facebook from invading my life too much:

Disconnect apps and discontinue using it as a login option for other services. Actually take the time to create a username and password.

Delete it from my mobile device. Limit my time using the app.

Rely more and more on Google Photos and my Journey journaling app to store memories, not Facebook.

Wait until my kids get older and they start finding old photos and then delete my account out of pure self preservation.

What about you? Know anyone who has quit cold turkey? Done it yourself?