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Is "Friday" the New "Rick Roll?"

I'm honestly not sure if this video is supposed to be legit or if it's a joke. Even still, it's  over 15 million views strong in a relatively short amount of time. What Rebecca Black's song Friday lacks in lyrics, the video makes up in....well...(I'll get back to you on that). Rebecca tackles some of life's biggest questions like "Which seat should I take?" and "Does Thursday really come before Friday?" These are some of life's imponderables that consistently keep me up at night that she had the guts to tackle.

So why would this be the new Rick Roll? This tweet from @psychwrites points to what I think is news for season 6 of one of my favorite shows:

Instead, it's a link to this video:

Talk about letdowns. And having a song that infects your memory with redundancy worse than "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" did in elementary school. It's being considered as one of the worst videos ever made. Which makes it a perfect new "Rick Roll."

In case you don't know what a "Rick Roll" is (as some of my friends the other day didn't), here's what it is: You drop a link with a misleading headline, when the link actually takes the clicker to this video:

What do you all think? Is this the new Rick Roll? Or will it fade just as quickly as it came?

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