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Forget SOPA, I Need Wunderkit

Forget SOPA, I Need Wunderkit

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UPDATE: The team at 6Wunderkinder had an amazing response time (via email, comments and tweets) that I now have early access. Those guys rock. Everybody is talking about SOPA and afraid that the Mayan calendar was really referring to the end of the Internet and not actually planet Earth. (Quick many people do you think actually know what the SOPA initials stand for?) ;)

Now that SOPA day is over, we need something new to protest. I think my new stance is this: I really really need an invite to the new Wunderkit platform.

I've been a huge fan of Wunderlist for a long time, before it was cool. I've even written blog posts about it here here and hey, even here. It's been one of my go-to productivity tools for the longest time. From watching the demo video below, it seems like it would be just about everything I've looked for in my quest for a productivity platform.

It also seems like Wunderkit achieves what social productivity should look like. The integration with Facebook friends and being able to invite anyone to the platform and integrate them with different tasks and projects.


What Would I Do With Wunderkit?

I would definitely leverage it in my client work at Engauge, helping organize and juggle all the different digital projects I have going on at one time. In addition, I'd use it to help plan out my wife and I's one-year anniversary trip in August and help plan outings and events for our house church's weekend fun. The features of Wunderkit definitely wouldn't go to waste.

The bottom line is this: Wunderkit is still in beta and I'm waiting on an invite. I would love to put this to good use and write blog post after post about how it helps me stay together. Unfortunately, I don't have one. All I have is this invite code here:

So really, when you get down to it, this blog post is self-serving. I know I could send tweets and emails asking for earlier access but hey, a whole blog post couldn't hurt right? At least it's honest. I love Wunderlist and can't wait to get my hands onto Wunderkit. I know @leesnewton is too.

How about you all? Anyone been able to use it yet?