This year, more so than other years, Thanksgiving was more than just sitting down and enjoying a huge home cooked meal. For me, it was a test of fortitude. I presented myself with a unique challenge this year.

Two Thanksgiving meals...two day.

Having my first real "vacation" since starting work in June, I was able to pull off taking most of that Thanksgiving off. After debating where to go (and thankful that I had several options!) I decided to fly into Louisville and stay with Nanny and Grandaddy (grandparents on Dad's side). I arrived there early Wednesday morning and kicked off my vacation with a four hour nap.

After a nice relaxing evening with the grandparents I was ready to tackle Thanksgiving. The day kicked off at my cousins house near Louisville with a meal that didn't disappoint. Great food and plenty of vegetables out of my grandparents garden made for full stomachs and an end result of all the cousins passing out in the living room floor watching The Office.

But this was no time for passing out. I had Round Two to get to.

So after a four month sabbatical from driving a car, I hopped in my grandparent's car and took off toward Megan's house to do another Thanksgiving dinner with her extended family. I arrived to a similar scene that I had just came from: a lot of awesome food that needed to be eaten. With great eating experience, I felt I was well qualified for the task at hand.

The week involved more than food believe it or not. It was a rare opportunity for Megan and I to meet each others extended families. Obviously while at her house I was introduced to her aunts/uncles and cousins and spent the night getting to know them. I had a great time and really liked all of them and felt very much at home with them. The next night Megan came back to Louisville with me and met my grandparents and cousins. We spent our Friday night eating with nanny, grandaddy and my aunt Kathy, hung out at my cousin evans house playing catch phrase with him and my other cousin aubrey, then met up with yet another cousin Bryan and his girlfriend for looking at lights in downtown Louisville and some late night bowling.

For being my first official vacation since starting work, I couldn't have for things to go better. I had a great time, no travel snags and some great snacks to take back with me courtesy of Megan and my parents.