My block Monday morning on the way to work

The past six months I've been living in some denial of one of the consequences of moving here.


This week has actually been kinda fun for me. With the exception of walking home last night (snow turned into a really cold rain) I've enjoyed being out in it in a weird way. I even got up a little before 5AM Tuesday to go for my first run in a long time in it. Five miles in the snow ended up being somewhat of a challenge seeing how I hadn't done a lick of exercise since the Sears Tower race.

However it's going to get old. And tomorrow's commute to work may be a bigger challenge than I think. The temperature is set to drop pretty hard tonight and tomorrow's walk to work will provide me with a projected -10 degree wind chill. This isn't that bad to me. I can take cold weather fine. Turns out I actually thrive in crap conditions for some reason. But...I'm used to Kentucky weather. Sure it has gotten to -10 to -20  wind chills back home but it typically only lasts a few days.

This one will last three months.

So as I walk to work everyday I will remind myself of the words from the great Oregon coaching legend Bill Bowerman: "There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people."