So as the end of 2009 rapidly approaches, I’ve been looking back at the past year and thinking on how it’s been one of the greatest years ever. For me anyway. I have had so much good happen that no negative events really stick out in my mind.

The major event that I have commemorated by a piece of paper hanging in the wall of my apartment is college graduation. It was the official “okay, time to be a big kid now” rite of passage that I worked fairly hard for four years to achieve. After receiving the diploma and making the decision to move to Chicago, with no real career job lined up, my only thought while in that moving truck in June was “Alright, I have an apartment and a destination and a part time job…”

“Now what?”

Prior to all that taking place, I had established that I was going to move away. For whatever reason, that destination ended up being Chicago. I had no specifics, contacts or anything of that nature when I firmly made that decision. Along with that decision came a personal ban on dating. Since I was moving away, I didn’t see any logical sense in starting something and then moving away and having to do long distance. I know my mom and dad were able to pull it off, but who was I to assume the same for myself? Then Megan happened. After months of frustration for her of me trying to deny to myself how much I liked her and fighting my stubborn nature to go back on a decision, we ended up deciding to do the long distance thing. I knew it was going to be hard, especially since I didn’t know what the next few months ahead held but I had a girlfriend. I had an awesome girlfriend and an uncertain future for myself in a new city.

Now what?

Then just before the move I find of a job opening. After applying and doing a phone interview, I was asked to interview face-to-face my first Monday in the city. Two days later I was employed. I was fortunate to have found a job that quickly, doing things I am interested in, and working for a very laid back and family friendly company.  The company also gave me travel opportunities to some pretty cool places along with a steady paycheck that enabled me to not only pay rent and eat food but also fly home and see the girl that changed my mind about dating.

I had so many things go right one right after another. After living most of my life under the thumb of Murphy’s Law (car troubles, technical snags on almost any project I tried, relationships etc) it seemed like I have finally caught a break. Everything that lined up for me happened for a reason. I’m a planner by nature and try to plan out every move ten steps ahead of time. However, I’m certain that God had a hand in all of this and his timing on everything was more last minute. Everything seemed to happen all at once. Out of this sheer gut impulse that I couldn’t explain, I decided to venture somewhere new. From that decision, it seemed like almost everything just fell in my lap. I also completely went against what I had promised myself for a long time and began dating a girl who, despite the fact that we only see each other once a month, has really started to become more than my girlfriend but also one of my best friends period.

So for whatever reason, God has me here (for whatever reason) in Chicago with a solid job, good church group, awesome girl, and a family completely okay with it all.

Now what?

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