When deciding on how to deliver our company blog over at Hinda Incentives, I started out using an email form that most everyone uses: Feedburner. However, I experimented around with a few other services and found one that I absolutely love. Mail Chimp.

It's something that has been pimped before by Mashable but I had never taken notice of. Once I began using that to deliver Hinda's blogs via email, I noticed the analytics for who is reading what is great. After all, no marketing effort worth its weight in salt should be without some sort of measurable results. While it's true that Feedburner does provide email subscriber stats, Mail Chimp's blew them out of the water.

After the successful results seen in my corporate blogging, I decided to apply the same tactics to my own. However, instead of providing subscribers to a daily digest, I'm making it a weekly roundup. Between doing social media efforts for real companies, I don't often get a chance to daily update my own personal things as often as I'd like.  A weekly digest gives my readers more opportunity for consistency. My subscribers will know that on one day during the week (probably Sunday nights) they will receive new content in their inboxes. Plus I love the HTML customization that Mail Chimp provides.

Not an email subscriber to my blog? Just simply enter your email address to the box in the right. My weekly roundups will include a smorgasborg of Brain Wads and Journal entries. If you choose to filter out what you read from each, it's okay by me.

For others of you, I would encourage you to add this site to your RSS feeds. This is one option that lets you filter out which content from this site you want to read up on.

Hope you enjoy the new system of keeping up! Tell your friends.