Many of my loyal readers are already aware of how I do things over here at but since I have recently had an influx of new visitors, I thought I'd lay out why I write two blogs. Two blogs for one site? Is that allowed?

You bet it is. The beautiful thing about blogging is that there really aren't too many rules. When I first began blogging, I constantly went back and forth on content. I wanted to write about things related to my profession such as branding, digital marketing and advertising to show off some of my expertise and garner commentary to learn more through discussion from my readers.

Then there were also the personal things. Initially my blogging started as a way to keep in touch with friends and family. It was a one-stop-shop on keeping up with what was going on in my life. The personal blog also gave me an outlet to express some views that didn't necessarily relate to marketing. Obviously I didn't want to alienate my marketing thoughts readers with my personal stuff, nor did I want to do the same to the viewers of that personal content with my marketing mumbo jumbo (that's the technical term).

So, would I keep two separate sites open or have a smorgasborg of a blog? Then I thought, why not both?

After purchasing a domain name (.com was unfortunately snatched up) I set up my site with two different pages. The landing page of is where people come to hear my views on marketing and some best practice tips. Most of you may know this page as Brain Wads. Brain Wads generates most of my traffic and is responsible for attracting many of my new viewers.

However, I left room for the personal through an additional Journal tab. This gave me that little extra outlet to write about things only relevant to myself while adding an additional bit of transparency to my business side. Should I have potential marketing consulting clients become drawn to my knowledge in Brain Wads, they would have the chance to get to know me a little better through my Journal.

I have a much shorter explanation on this link by the way.

My two-blogs-in-one platform has gotten some fairly good props with people sending me messages via Twitter or my contact page. So what do you think? Two blogs in one still working for you?