Lee Kellet does have a knack for that infamous "M" word. No not "millenial." The "M" word I speak of is "Marketing." So who the heck is Lee?

I ran across her a few weeks ago on Twitter and then we got in touch via my blog and began to converse from there. When I initially visited her home website, I cringed at the word "consultant." It's an unfair stereotype on my part but whenever I hear the word "consultant" and "marketing" in the same word, I automatically think of the social media experts that I've encountered in the past. My consulting stereotype is a poor one because there are some great marketing strategy consultants out there....and Lee just happens to be one of them.

Lee does a lot to help small businesses out there. Is she a social media guru or an SEO lecturer trying in vain to get you to book her? Not at all. She knows enough about digital marketing to have some fun with it and do some stuff for clients along the way. How good is she? Last year - during what we are all familiar with as an economic rough patch - she developed strategies for a small first-aid company and helped them improve profits 11%. Not bad for a rough economy.

She sounds cool enough but how do I meet her?

Check out Lee's website www.leekellett.com and more importantly her blog. She shares some great insights on marketing strategy and her views on the business world. Send her a note or give her a brief 140-character-or-less shoutout at @lhkellett.

Who else do you know that's awesome?