You may not have heard of him but I've recently come in contact with a guy named Chuck Bonner. Like many of the contacts that I've made through social media, he too was a social network enthusiast. However his non-digital passion is what really caught my eye. Hiking.

It's something that I've done a lot in my past. After all, I did spend an entire summer hiking and running in the Smokey Mountains two years back. I've had a lot of experience out on the trails but still found Chuck's site - - a great and valuable resource for all things hiking.

Chuck seems to have a unique view of hiking. To quote from his own words, "hiking is more about being here and less about getting there." On his site, Chuck not only describes where he has hiked but also lists locations on where to hike, how to prepare for a hike if you are a newbie, stories, books and other resources outside of his wealth of knowledge. It's a simple site in regards to layout/design but don't be fooled - the content is there.

So why is Chuck awesome? If you have a passion for the outdoors and exploring nature, you'll be able to answer that question after stopping by and telling Chuck hello. Find him on Twitter @chuckbonner