Just for a change of pace today, Ben Johnson from LogoInn provides a few quick tips for small business owners in regards to making their websites a success. You can follow Ben on Twitter @logoinn

Small business website owners, with limited budget, feel scared that whether they will be able to make their business a success or not. If you are starting a new business or have just launched your business website, then you might be concerned about its success that when you will actually begin to see some positive outcome.

As you run your business on the internet and solely depend on the traffic that comes to your website, you need to pay extra attention to your real estate, i.e. your business website. It’s just like an offline shop, if you don’t organize it professionally and attractively, you won’t be able to win the trust of your market and they will perceive you as unprofessional.

So, what steps should you take to ensure that you successfully earn bread and butter from your home office via your online real estate?

There are some powerful elements you need to consider in order to launch a highly effective business website. Let’s discuss them now:

Keep In View Your Business Model When You Get Your Website Designed:

It is very important because you don’t want to end up designing an irrelevant site. Don’t let your visitors look at your site and say, “Ok! So where am I?” You don’t want your visitors to guess what your website is about. You should guide them and tell them where they have come and how you can help them. You only have seconds to win their trust and keep them on your site. Otherwise, your bounce rate will simply keep on increasing.

Keep In View the Mood of Your Business:

Just as your web design should be relevant to your business, it should also clearly depict the mood of your business. If you are selling entertainment items or toys then the mood of your website will be completely different as compared to a website selling LED lights. If you are selling toys, then you can show clowns on your website. However, clowns will totally look unprofessional on a website selling LED lights online.

Make Sure Your Website Content is Compelling and Readable:

A lot of people don’t care about the formatting of content. They think that just uploading your web content is enough. Wrong! You have to present it nicely, so your readers will read it, otherwise they will ignore it. Use a decent and easily readable font-size. Make sure that it looks good as well. People won’t be able to see you, so they will determine how credible you are by reading your content. So, make it attractive and compelling.

Let Your Visitors Find Your Products Easily:

How much time will you spend on a confusing site with hundreds of links everywhere, but not the ones you are looking for? Obviously, you will leave immediately. Your visitors will do the same thing if you don’t create easy and user-friendly navigation for them. Allow them to find the required information quickly and easily. Or, be prepared to say Good Bye to them.

So…If you want to make your small business website successful, then nicely and wisely incorporate all the elements mentioned above.

About the author

Ben Johnson is the Alliance Manager at Logoinn, a custom logo design company. He writes about the effect of design on marketing and brand identity and helps small businesses find design solutions for effective marketing