I actually ran across this new tool while reading this article on Mashable a few weeks back. For the last several months, I've developed a fascination with QR codes and this topic really caught my attention. The company is called Jumpscan. By opening up an account on Jumpscan you are able to take your digital contact information and combine it all under a single QR code. Opening up an account is free and filling out the profile information takes just a few minnutes to get your profile setup. The tool allows you to place your email address, phone number, personal website, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr feeds into a profile. When

someone scans your code, a mobile-friendly website pops up displaying your Jumpscan profile. From there, the scanner can call, email or view a live stream of all your social media updates with one single touch. Jumpscan even acts as a social network within itself, allowing users to friend other Jumpscan users.

QR codes already had a bright future ahead of them and this only helps that cause. The possibilities with Jumpscan are great. I could even see this being placed on business cards of those business people that also have a very active social media presence. These codes could even be placed on printed marketing materials for sales reps in addition to (or in lieu of) contact information or even on a website. I personally have placed my Jumpscan profile on my Contact page in addition to the right-hand sidebar.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Jumpscan also provides analytics? When you go to your profile page, a "Stats" tab lists how many scans you've had in the last several days. Pretty cool right?

An area of improvement I could see in Jumpscan is the ability to add LinkedIn profile links and YouTube channel link options. LinkedIn would be a valuable asset for this in a business setting, while access to any sort of viral video is a necessity in the digital world. The project is still in Beta and by the looks of their FAQ page, those two options are ones they are currently looking into developing.

Anybody else used Jumpscan or a like website? Give it a try. Scan me and send me a friend request while you're at it! Below is a video giving a brief demo of Jumpscan, also found on their blog.

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