Why do I blog? I'm not getting paid to do it. I don't have any sort of affiliate advertising, Google AdSense or any other paid space on the site. With that said, the fact that this blog is "free," means that this is a large volunteer effort on my part. So why bother?

The main thing...learning. I've posted several times on here about wanting to be a better learner, to consume as much information as possible. In order to post the best content I can, I've got to go out and consume two, three, five, ten times more content than what actually makes it on here. My desire to create quality posts also forces me into the habit of refueling my aresenal of marketing knowledge. Half of what I know comes from trial and error experience. The other half comes learning from others' experiences.

I also learn from the comments. There have been several instances where I've posted on one topic and have been informed on where I may have been inaccurate on some count. Or that there was a continuation of the story I told somewhere else out there. As much as I learn while trying to write this stuff, I learn even more from the information shared with me on my comments.

Speaking of comments, my blog is a great relationship builder. Through a web presence beyond just Twitter and LinkedIn, I've been able to give others an insight on how my brain works. From the topics I raise on Brain Wads, I've been able to carry on discussions outside the blog on a few occasions. From there, I've built solid connections, found more resources for knowledge and have even made a few friends along the way. I can personally vouch for the fact that blogging is a crucial personal networking tool.

The networking aspect is probably the most crucial when you get down to it. We live in an economy where unemployment is remarkably high. I'm extremely blessed and grateful for the employment opportunity I currently have here in Chicago. I've been very lucky. However, I know real life exists. Things happen. I've seen layoffs of people that weren't poor performers by any stretch, they were just victims of budget cuts. As much as I do to try and be a "linchpin" for our company, I know things may not go my way from time to time. Having a blog not only helps build a network but also aids me in attempting to establish some sort of credibility in my field. I've seen several people that, when the ax does fall, are able to rebound much quicker than average thanks to a strong online presence. Some may look at this attitude as setting myself up for failure. I disagree. Having a plan for worst-case scenarios is just smart. Believing we are above anything bad happening to us is ignorant.

Aside from the above notes, blogging is just fun to me. Sure I don't get "paid" to do it but this presence has helped me score a few freelance gigs along the way. Being seen and chatting it up with people from all over the world is just plain fun. Wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

Most of you all who read this probably have blogs. Why do you do it? If you don't currently but are thinking about it, why do you want a blog? What's stopping you from building one?

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