How would you combine a location service, a billboard and a deal concept similar to deals offered for a Foursquare Checkin or a Groupon deal? One startup here in Chicago explores exactly that. is placing 600 square foot QR codes around the city. Users with barcode scanners can scan these giant billboard codes togain access to deals for venues within walking distance of that particular QR code. For redemption, all you have to do is show the coupon on your phone. According to the"About" page on their website, their justification for this type of marketing is as follows:

"Until now, billboard advertising has been costly or cost-prohibitive with little data on its effectiveness for small businesses. Merchants participating in programs receive analytic information from viewers scanning the billboard, and only incur minimal costs on the days their advertisement is run."

Hopefully I'll run into a few of these around the city and give them a shot.

What do you all think? Will this sort of idea stick?

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