CES re-enforced the hype behind tablet PCs. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about (on my employer's blog) a couple of the tablets with big expectations such as the Playbook from RIM (Blackberry tablet in the venacular) and Motorola Xoom. Thanks to Paul Hebert of i2i I learned of another diamond in the rough - the Notion Ink Adam. So why is this the best tablet you haven't heard of? Mainly because, according to this article on CrunchGear, Notion Ink has not done anything in the way of marketing the product. There really isn't any mainstream media coverage of the product. All their press came from the blogs of fan loyalists, which really tests the waters on the power of viral (without the effort). Even without press, Notion Ink's Adam has the tech specs to make a strong sales surge.

In addition to having a 3G option, Adam has a SD card slot, GPS, FM radio and even a swivel camera. Yes, a swivel camera. Adam also has about as many plugin ports as one would realistically need. It's only complaint from several online tech magazines is its storage space: a measly 8 GB. Running on an Android 2.3 with a Honeycomb upgrade to come, the Adam has recently received the "all clear" from the FCC to start shipping out their device. Time will soon tell whether or not Adam's cult following will eventually run mainstream.

I'm interested in any sort of electronic with an underground cult following. Doesn't necessarily mean it's a great product but definitely one to keep an eye on. If you want to learn more about Adam, check out the video below for a brief demo.

What do you all think? Does it look attractive to you all?

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