Well I went out and jumped on the bandwagon. I had used Posterous for some easy blogging for a while but had not utilized it in nearly a year. Being that this site is becoming (what I hope anyway) to be more constructive, sharing some random tidbits may not fit AS well on here. Most of what I do hear will be marketing, media or technology based, with a few narratives here and there. I figured, with their handy-dandy Android app, Tumblr may be the simplest solution.

So behold: Thought Spasms. A compliment to Brain Wads.

I'm basically using it (for the one whole day I've had it) as a place to post a picture or neat video I've seen. Eventually I'll post some personal journal type things to help friends and family back home keep up with what I'm doing. If you want to get to know me on a more personal level, you'll have more success there. Though I will still post some journaling in here from time to time too. After all, part of what makes a blog unique is the transparency and personal touch, something I don't want to take away here.

Here's where you come in. Fellow Tumblrs, what are your suggestions? I'm a clean slate on the best ways to use this and want any advice. Should I install a comment system like Disqus on there? Any tricks or suggestions?

I'm all ears!

BTW, my Tumblr blog is found at http://drewhawkins.tumblr.com.

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