Several of my readers know that I work for Hinda Incentives and that I do talk about social media quite a bit. What experience do I actually have with social outside of maintaining my own personal blog? Most of what I do for Hinda is digital marketing and social media. There are a few other things I help with (mainly trade show logistics, HHR partner development, CRM administration etc) but social media is the root of why I was hired there in the first place. I didn't know squat about the incentives industry when I started but after a LOT of research, reading and listening to incentive industry vets, I've been able to leverage social for Hinda for business growth.

As the saying goes, "slow and steady wins the race." Hinda isn't a widely known brand and even most of our end users can't know who we are due to NDAs. Despite that level of confidentiality in a lot of circumstances, we have been able to slowly build an audience and make enough noise to see impact on our business. It just didn't happen overnight. It's take persistence and a lot of patience.

Want to learn my thought process and strategy for this particular social media brand? Mark W. Schaefer reached out to me recently to share Hinda Inc's success story with his {Grow} community. There I go more in-depth with our social media strategy. It's not flashy or sexy but I try and approach our social strategy from a practical approach. Drop a comment if you read it, I'm sure I could learn more from you.

Click here to see Hinda's social media case study on {Grow}

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