Just when I was getting really good at parallel parking in Wrigleyville... As of March 28th, I'll be starting a new position with the Digital Innovation Group at Engauge down in Atlanta. The move opens up a cool new opportunity working in social and emerging technology while allowing me to be located in a region more equidistant to my current family and future in-laws.

Chicago has been an awesome city to live in the last couple of years. Hinda has given me a whole lot of opportunity during that time. I've been able to travel to several cool events and cities that I may not have been able to otherwise. The incentives industry has taught me a whole lot about how to be a better market (something I've written about before on here). Hinda gave me the opportunity to build a social presence for one of the fastest growing companies in the country from the ground up. They trusted me with a lot of content decisions and let me take ideas and run with them, which is something not a lot of recent grads are able to say. I've also been privileged to learn a lot from Hinda's own executive leadership, who had a great open door policy with everyone in the office. In addition, I've had the chance to meet and learn from some other smart folks in the industry. It's been a fun two years. I'll miss it and everyone who's been part of it.

Even though I'm leaving Chicago, I'll take a lot of it with me, including continuing to be a Bulls and Blackhawks fan. I've got a lot of friends here that are more like family now, so I'm sure Megan and I will take some trips up here now and again. I still believe that Chicago is one of the coolest cities on the planet (minus the weather of course).

I'm really looking forward to diving into digital projects with some leading brands here in the next month with the DIG team. The team seems to be a great group of people to work with and I'm excited to be joining them. I'm also looking forward to learning more about city life in Atlanta and what it has to offer. With a new job, new city and soon-to-be wife, 2011 is a year for the books.

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