So what do you do when the mental well runs dry? Anybody who works in creative experiences this here and there right? Personally, I like to post up new content up on here on a somewhat regular basis. At the office, I've been trying to create a huge backlog of blog posts to keep things going for Hinda's blog after I leave town next week. It's probably hands down the most writing I've done at once in a long time. So when I get a chance to post on my own blog...I'm stuck.

Grasping at inspiration today, I ran across an article from one of my favorite authors Donald Miller describing ten tips for better creativity. One of the main tips is to not talk about what you're working on in an effort to avoid giving yourself a false sense of productivity. This entire post sorta breaks that rule huh?

However, the best piece of advice I got about having infinite blog post ideas comes from @hanelly today over on Social Media Explorer. He talks about how it's easy to get caught up in reading every blog post, tweet and webinar out there that we lose our ability to create original content. All of our inspiration is just another contribution to the echo chamber.

His advice for infinite blog post ideas? Just get to work. Some of the best posts come from experience digging into projects, facing challenges and writing stories on how you overcame those issues. Our unique experiences with what we work on provides some of the best original content.

Judging from this, I reckon the best thing to do is to dig in and get back to work. If @hanelly is right (which I am certain he is), more inspiration will come from having an industrious day.

How do you all deal with creative ruts? Where do you find inspiration?

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