One thing I've always been a believer in is that social technology should encourage us to get involved in things away from our computers. It's what the team I was tried to drive in our old beta social network MetroSoiree in college, it's why I like geolocation and why I think things like QR codes and augmented reality are a good idea. The more we find ways to merge our physical and digital world, the more successful we will be. That said, I found this video that nails this concept. The AutoRAI 2011 Motor Show developed a way to use real life Like buttons for all their car displays by using the swipe of a card. Each name card had the owner's Facebook profile integrated, so with each swipe a status update appeared on that users wall showing which car they had liked. Pretty cool stuff here:

I think we'll be seeing much more real world social integration. Even Pepsi is trying to integrate social sharing in their vending machines. What other ways are you seeing social media being integrated into real life scenarios?

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