Well, I reckon it was going to be done at some point. A few weeks ago, the people at NoticeSoftware approached me about building a mobile app for my blog. It's nothing I had really put any thought into since it's already optimized for mobile but hey, who doesn't like an app?

So I let them build me one. Some of the key features is has that the mobile optimized version doesn't have includes push notifications of new posts and even a "contributions" section. The contributions are more or less a glorified "contact" page. However, users are able to shoot photos or video along with adding text to send in for story ideas. This is one key feature that I could see building community around this particular blog. If you see something cool and think it's worth a post on here? Send it my way...on the spot...through the app.

My only complaint is that you can't comment on any of the posts through the app. Not that I can tell anyway. It is a bit ad heavy but that's a small price to pay for having a free app.

Right now, it's available for FREE on Android. The iPhone version is coming down the pike, it just takes longer to get apps submitted into the iTunes store. Click here to get the app or scan the QR code in this post with your Android device.

Any tweaks or changes you may have I am completely open to. Let me know what you think.