Yesterday I talked about how Sesame Street knows a thing or two about social strategy. How about the rest of the Muppets like Animal, Kermit and Miss Piggy? Well, instead of talking about how they use Facebook and Twitter and having essentially the same post, I thought I would talk about what they do best: video.

The Muppets have always done a good job taking mainstream celebrity talent and incorporating them into their work. However, they've taken things up another notch. Tapping into the popularity of online video (not viral video...because nobody goes out to make a 'viral' video) the Muppets have made video shorts and remakes of classic scenes. My personal favorite came not too terribly long ago. Doing a remake of one of the all time greatest rock songs, the Muppet gang remade the video to 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in their own, Muppet-ish way.


This video generated a ton of buzz, scoring articles on most any tech news site and blog, generating 20 million views in the process.

They've ridden that momentum into promoting their summer movie. Each one of their trailers have generating a ton of buzz upon every release. Each movie trailer has spoofed different genres of trailers, none which are kid-targeted. It's interesting how the Muppets video content has been directed more towards adults than kids....yet are stil kid friendly. Targeted to adults in a family friendly way is one way I think keeps the Muppets timeless and having some level of appeal to pretty much all audiences. Something for everyone. Typically in digital, you want to target audiences very specifically. However, I think the Muppets pull off reaching a very broad audience simultaneously - something very few brands can pull off.

Below is a trailer for the upcoming Muppet movie spoofing the Hangover trailers. What other ways to the Muppets own video content creation or social media in general?


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