I last posted about tools that I'm using to keep my work life in order at the moment. While there's a little bit over overlap here and there with a few apps, several apps come in handy when managing things at home. After all, family should come before work at the end of the day right? Why not try and stay just as organized at home as I strive to be at work? Granted, I'm just now starting to really organize things at home but it's off to a great start.


One of the overlapping tools. It's where I take photos of receipts and save other proof of purchases into folders for record keeping. Saves a TON of space by eliminating paperwork and also serves as a quick CYA file when I snag receipts via the mobile app. It's also a great place to store recipe and home ideas. Sure, I could do that via Pinterest but searching for things inside of Pinterest retrospectively isn't the most intuitive process.


Sure, I do use this for work. However, my job isn't the only part of my life that requires appointments. Google calendar alerts, travel itineraries, bill reminders etc all live in here. A great one-stop-shop for my day. Worth a mention here. 


My wife carries the majority of the load with the groceries in our house. She is the master chef between the two of us and has a better grasp of what we actually need to re-stock our pantry than I do most of the time. Then I discovered AnyList. It's an app that allows you to collaborate on grocery lists, find recipes and add one-off items on the go. It's probably more helpful for me than Megan since most of my grocery list adds pop in my head at the weirdest times. AnyList helps me be able to contribute more thought into this part of our home life.


Several of you probably use or have at least heard of it. It's a fantastic free budgeting tool. You can import your bank account information into the app, set up budgets for each month and watch exactly where your money is going. It's a good desktop app but also works extremely well on mobile for budgeting on-the-go. If you are a believer in the Dave Ramsey cash-only envelope system, this won't be as effective for you since you'll have to manually input each transaction. However, if you primarily use electronic payments, this is a very efficient tool.

Scoutmob/Yelp/Open Table

These are all remarkably different apps but we use them all to find and try new restaurant venues around Atlanta. Our date nights are typically dictated by Scoutmob. When torn between two different venues on Scoutmob, we turn to Yelp to read up on reviews. If they require a reservation, I make a quick one with OpenTable. I keep all these apps (in addition to others like Starbucks and LevelUp) in one folder to access all of our dining needs in one spot.


This is probably the most intuitive Bible app out there right now. Megan and I are both involved in a group at Grace Midtown and I typically require my morning train rides to get any reading done. Since, more often than not, most bibles are waaaaay thick, this is a great tool to be able to view any translation at once without taking up a ton of space in my bag. In addition, you can take notes, share notes, view plans and even other user commentary on different sections. It's interesting how it's become just a Bible reader app to almost a niche social network.


An app that I should probably use more often than I currently do ;) After 10+ years of competitive running in middle/high school, college and running with the Fleet Feet team in Chicago, I've been burned out but have gotten back into the swing of things thanks to my wife turning into quite the runner. This has a great mobile app. However, I primarily use the desktop version. If you have a Garmin watch like I do, it's easier to wear the watch and just connect the device to your laptop and import all of your runs into their system. Sure, Nike+ has a lot more aesthetic awesome but RunKeeper definitely wins on overall utility.

Think Beyond Work

What apps do you use at home? How do you keep things organized at home in the chaos of work and real life?