If you follow me on Tumblr or we're Facebook friends, you're probably up to speed at this point. If not, I'll catch you up. Today, I'm wearing green. Why?

A friend and former cross country and track teammate of mine, Sgt Michael Cable,  lost his life in Afghanistan last week. He was playing with some children after securing a meeting between Afghan and US officials and was attacked from behind. Today he finally makes it back home to Owensboro, Kentucky and his family has requested that anyone wear green to support him that day. Green for his love of the Army and love of the Green Bay Packers.

So today, even 400 miles away, I'm wearing green.

You can read more about Cable and I here on this Tumblr post. The  visual that stands out in my mind (and probably will for the rest of my life) is the last time I saw Cable alive and in person. I vividly remember him standing in front of Josh Yeckering's casket saluting for an extended period of time as we all said our final goodbyes at Yeck's graveside service. Josh (aka Yeck) was another teammate of Cable and I's, one of my closest friends growing up (more on that tragedy here).

Yes, Cable is the second brother in the last two years we've lost from our high school cross country squad.

While Yeck didn't pass away from war-related activities, he was an active-duty Navy soldier stationed out in San Diego. He had also served a term himself in Afghanistan prior to being stationed out in San Diego. Both Yeck and Cable were fierce competitors. Yeck helped whip me into shape in the off-season and Cable kept me honest in team workouts. Cable and I were closer training partners my junior year and would call me out anytime I would complain. We definitely built off of each other in practice and in two-mile races all that season.

Cable was a fierce friend and one of the funniest guys off the track we had on that team. I'm proud to know that he died an American Hero. I'm glad to know that I had the privilege of training and growing up with two men who selflessly served their country in their prime and were taken too soon.

So today, I'm wearing green. To welcome Cable home and thank him for his sacrifice. To remember our other fallen brother two years later. I'm wearing green as a subtle thank you to everyone who's served us.