I've been seeing this AT&T ad for the new iPhones here lately and I don't like them. In case you have missed them, here's a clip below:

I will have to give AT&T credit, this is definitely a close stab at truth in advertising. We are all way to obsessed with what goes on inside of our tiny pocket-sized screens than we do with the world around us.

I've been guilty of this too. One of the worst offenders in some cases.

The ironic thing about mobile tech and social media is that it is supposed to make it easier to connect it with the world around us. It makes the world smaller. At what cost? Is it worth it to connect with the entire world when we can't even engage the tiny space around us?

AT&T seems to be encouraging that behavior in this ad. "Forget the world around you. This new phone is way better than all of that."

I love social. I love what mobile technology does. I love being able to connect with people I can't see or talk to every day in a very quick way. I've been able to maintain a lot of friendships and connect with new friends thanks to social apps on my phone.

That said, I don't like AT&T's positioning here in this ad. I'd love to see a mobile phone ad that says "our phone is great but real life can be even better." I reckon that wouldn't sell as many phones.

Rant over. My phone just buzzed. Maybe I got retweeted?