I really don't mention often on this blog (if ever) but I'm a big Duck Dynasty fan. My wife and I jumped on the Duck Dynasty bandwagon somewhat late in the game. We went on somewhat of a watching binge when we first discovered it. After we had seen the same episode more than a few times on A&E (they rerun the same episodes over and over) we tapered off. We rarely watch new episodes as soon as they come out but will watch them on a re-showing later on in the week as they're available.

One of our favorite people to watch on the show is Uncle Si. You seriously never know what is going to come out of his mouth. I think that it's safe to say that he may not even know what's he's going to say next. He's definitely the most quotable person on the show.

Two worlds collided (sort of) when I heard that Uncle Si was partnering with Operation Christmas Child, a client of ours at DeMoss. Operation Christmas Child packs shoeboxes every holiday season to send to kids in need all over the world. They delivered their 100 millionth shoebox last year so I didn't really know how they could top things this year. I would say getting Uncle Si on board did the trick. Getting one of the more child-like minds (in a good way) to help children out appeared to be a perfect strategy by the Operation Christmas Child team.

If you want to see how Uncle Si helped pack a few boxes this year check out this video below.

If you want to pack a box online (yep online, it's easy) check out this link.