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Shaking hands. It's a gesture to say hello or to close a deal. It's a huge part of many cultural greetings. There are different techniques and schools of thought. There are the firm handshakes. There are the "how big a boy are you?" handshakes that test the strength of your grip and resolve for pain. Then there's my least favorite handshake - the "dead fish" - where the person on the other end of the handshake just throws a limp hand into yours and allows it to flaccidly float around in your palm until the awkward 1-2 seconds is over.

That's why the fist bump should make a return. We could resolve bets and business deals over a fist bump. Pounding the rock could be a new acceptable cultural norm. There are also medical reasons why the fist bump would make for a suitable alternative to the handshake.

The Atlantic makes a strong case for the fist bump in this video. Could we be seeing a new trend in the making?

A Fist Bump Manifesto from Atlantic Video on Vimeo.


Where do you stand on fist bumps versus handshakes?