Social media addiction is a real thing. Coke is also the Real Thing. Taglines aside, pulling our phones out compulsively and seeing the latest tweet, email, article or funny video is a compulsive habit. It's easy to miss out on the world we so desperately want to be connected with.

Fortunately, Coca-Cola may be onto something;

It's the "anti social media" campaign that's spreading through social. Ironic right?

Concerns over attention spans and social skills have made our dependency on social - or mobile tech in general - a trending topic. "Technology vacations" are the new vogue now and disconnecting is becoming something we have to be very deliberate about.

My guess is that we'll start to see an anti-social media message like this coming from brands in other pieces of content. Our brains are worn out and we need a break. If brands are looking to connect on an emotional level, this may very well be the place many of them will try to meet us at.

What do you think? Do you like the video?

Do you have a friend or relative you would buy this cone for?

(Originally spotted via AdWeek)