I ran across this animated doodle via Business Insider today and thought I'd share it here as well. It's worth two minutes of your day. What can we learn from it?

In our world of instant gratification, we barely possess the capacity to sit through a two-minute YouTube video, let alone the patience for failure. Our culture says it embraces failure - but I don't think it's failure that should be triumphed.

It's perseverance.

Sure, everyone in the video failed. A lot. But their failures aren't the story here. The real story was the persistence to keep trying and to keep working when their backs were against the wall. I also believe an untold story is what may have happened after said failures. I doubt that all of these successful people re-pitched or re-tried their same effort in the exact same manner every time. They most likely learned something from their failures and adapted. Einstein said it best when he said:


Failure means nothing if we don't learn from it. Failure isn't a badge of honor unless we learn, adapt and push through the failures. This is something that takes time.

What are your thoughts on failure (or the video)?