Most of my life in high school, college and my first couple of years out of school, I didn't sleep in on weekends. I was rarely afforded the luxury due to running. I would either have a race or practice in high school and college on Saturdays and almost always squeezed in a run before church on Sunday mornings. Then out of school, I was marathon training and Saturdays were my long run days. Now that I'm not training for anything, I decided to play catch up on sleeping on Saturdays. Since being married,  I've spent many mornings sleeping until I wake up and then continuing to lie there and contemplate the pros and cons of getting out of bed. Lazy, I know.

I also know any parents reading this may be jealous/furious with this lifestyle choice.

Anyway, this weekend I had a revelation. Megan and I both got up early - not "work early" but not far off - to go running on the Silver Comet trail. We ran, got done and were all clean and ready for the day before heading to a neighbor's for breakfast.

So what's the point of reading about my morning routine?


This past Saturday was hands-down the most productive Saturday I've had in recent memory. I  did some home repairs (including supply runs to Home Depot and Ace Hardware),  cleaned out the garage and re-organized all of my tools, helped my wife clean the floors - all before the sun went down. It gave me enough wiggle room time-wise to get a massage (thanks Living Social) and be able to have a whole day of work behind before grilling dinner and finishing season two of House of Cards.

Was it the run that helped energize me? Possibly.

I think it had something to do with padding more extra hours in my day. I didn't intend to be that productive but it just kind of happened. Had I slept in, I would've felt sluggish and unmotivated the rest of the day. God made me to live seven days, not just five. It felt great making the most of my time.

Many productivity and work style articles talk about getting up early Monday through Friday. I'm still trying to work on that. I think it goes beyond that.

Here's to getting up early(ish) on Saturdays again.